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Akuma no Miyu's Journal
Go find your own alley. This one's mine. Want to fight for it?
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21st-May-2019 11:58 am - Fanfic Archive Post
Working on it....slowly....







(Space...the final frontier....)


(I'll bite your head off...with my teeth...)
24th-Jul-2017 11:57 am - OVERWATCH MASTER POST
° Soldier's Lullaby Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison, NC-17]
Five times they had a share a bed, and one time they just wanted to.

° When We Were Young Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison, NC-17]
When Jack Morrison was 18, he joined the military. Fifteen weeks later, he joined the Soldier Enhancement Program, and that was when he met Gabriel Reyes. That was when everything changed.

° The Family That Spies Together, Stays Together. Or Something To That Effect AU, Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison, NC-17]
Jack Morrison swore he would never forgive Gabriel Reyes for leaving him alone in Overwatch to go join up with Talon. But when the organization he worked so loyally for tries to get him and his new partner killed, he doesn't have anyone else to turn to. His days are numbered and the only person he can trust is the man that chose another spy network over him; what was wrong with him?

° Working With The Reaper [Gabriel/Jack, NC-17, AU]
Jack Morrison is a new captain on the Overwatch Police Force. On his very first assignment, he comes face to face with the city's most dangerous vigilante and lives to tell about it. Things grow stranger as the vigilante keeps showing up in his house and badly attempting to woo him. However, when you are surrounded by vigilantes, someone is bound to notice and retaliation is never far behind.

° What Remains in Ruin [Gabriel/Jack, NC-17]
A failed strike against a Talon outpost finds Soldier 76 and Reaper facing off once again in in a forgotten remnant of the Blackwatch network. Yet when Reaper spares the injured mercenary's life, the action casts doubt on the paths they both have chosen to tread. How much of Gabriel Reyes remains in the wraith known as Reaper? And does the Reaper have what it takes to finish the job and end Jack Morrison's life once and for all?

° In the language of flowers [Gabriel/Jack, NC-17, AU]
If there was one thing Jack Morrison's mother taught him, it was that being a good neighbor meant everything. It put you in the good graces of the people you may need to rely on if an emergency ever arose. It was a good lesson, but the fact remained that when a new family would move in five miles down the road from their farm, Jack had to haul all the casserole dishes around.
So he simplified the neighborly duties to peanut butter cookies.
(In which Jack owns a flower shop and makes bomb cookies and Gabriel is a veteran wading in the consequences of his past.)

° Breaking Point [Gabriel/Jack, NC-17]
Before the fall of Overwatch, Gabriel Reyes finds himself in a new and wonderful relationship with his best friend, while everything else seems to crumble around him. Many years later, after the recall, Soldier 76 and the rest of Overwatch manage to capture Reaper, and are faced with the difficult decision of what to do with him.

° The Other One Where Jack is the Gay Roommate [Gabriel/Jack, NC-17, AU Modern Days]
Straight guy worries he's being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he's fallen in love with him. Turns out Gabriel Reyes is fine with Jack Morrison kissing guys if it's him Jack is kissing.
2nd-May-2017 06:40 pm - MASS EFFECT MASTER POST
° Mostly Dead [Andromeda, Reyes/M!Ryder, NC-17]
A little birdy snitched to Reyes about a certain event that happens when they confronted the Archon. He's not very happy, Scott doesn't do the best job of making him feel better and then sex ensues.
Set post-Hunting The Archon for all your possible spoiler needs.

° The missing scene [Andromeda, Reyes/M!Ryder, NC-17]
This is the scene that I wanted BioWare to give us. Because they didn't, I went ahead and wrote it myself. BioWare, feel free to use any or all of this in your update, because you totally messed up on the m/m romances.
Sequel: In the light of day

° Mostly just missed you [Andromeda, Reyes/M!Ryder, NC-17]
Scott misses Reyes. Reyes misses Scott more but dares not say it so bangs him instead.

° raspberry lemonade [Andromeda, Reyes/M!Ryder, NC-17]
Sara used to joke that Scott’s fussy personality would be cured if he got laid and could check “die a virgin” off his list of endless worries. Having done it now, he feels...well, sore and sweaty and a little exhausted, but he doesn’t feel any different.
Or the one where Scott and Reyes have a one-night stand on the Citadel and run into each other six-hundred and eighty-five years later.

° Pretty Damn Good [Andromeda, Reyes/M!Ryder]
An alternative telling of the High Noon mission on Kadara. Scott gets caught in the crossfire.

7th-Nov-2016 10:19 am - MAGNIFICENT 7 MASTER POST
° Six Shots and a Pine Box [Vasquez/Faraday, Au, Jurassic Park]
Owen thought his dreams were just that, dreams. Until he goes to work on an island filled with dinosaurs and his buddy reminds him that nothing can ever just be that simple around him. Still, you can't blame him for making at least one A-Team reference every time the new security team for the raptor paddock showed up. At least Blue found him funny. Or maybe she was just hungry and wanted to humor him.
Sequel: Hell Hath No Fury

° You Push, I Push Back [Vasquez/Faraday, Soulmates]
He’s nine years old when the words Oh good, we got us a Mexican appear curled around his left bicep, and his mama bursts into tears at the sight of them.

° This Night Ain't for the Holy Man [Vasquez/Faraday, NC-17]
If it had just been the once, Faraday thought a little desperately, they could have shrugged it off as a drunken mistake - Lord knew they'd both been fairly well corned that night, riding high on the success of their grand entry into town. Twice even, and they might have managed it.
Yet here he was for the fifth or sixth time in half as many days, sprawled on his back across one of mattresses upstairs in the Imperial with Vasquez between his legs while the saloon rolled merrily on below.

° Holy Hands, Oh They Make Me a Sinner [Vasquez/Faraday, NC-17]
As if he could read Faraday’s thoughts, Vasquez grinned – a wide, coyote’s smile – and settled his weight across Faraday's hips, broad palms pinning his wrists to the mattress on either side. He rocked forward, the hard line of him sliding tantalizingly against Faraday, hot and electric and altogether too intimate, like always.

° The Devil, He Don't Know [Vasquez/Faraday, NC-17]
"I'll say it as many times as I need," Faraday warned waspishly. "I'm fine. I'm tryin' to talk to you - "
Vasquez outright laughed at that, dark and mean.
"Now you want to talk," he said disbelievingly, shaking his head.
Faraday glowered at him.

° Cowboys [Vasquez/Faraday, NC-17]
It's cold in the room they've rented for the night, and Vasquez is very warm. And handsome, not that Faraday would admit it if he was asked.
And Faraday's heard stories.

° Hazard of the Job [Vasquez/Faraday]
A job leaves Faraday feeling less than pleasant. Everyone else is just a bit concerned.

° By a Thread, By a String, By a Rope [Vasquez/Faraday, Soulmates]
“Shut up, Clay,” Faraday muttered. He let his gaze linger on the red mark for a long second, the hard white buzz of shock rattling his thoughts to pieces and sending them spinning.
His stomach twisted as he recognized the peculiar tugging sensation that had been plaguing him all night for what it really was – a magnetic pull toward whatever poor bastard was on the other end of this tie, some mystical accident of biology trying like hell to draw Faraday into the distant promise of a soul-mate.

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21st-Aug-2016 11:58 am - STAR WARS MASTER POST
- System of Darkness [Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, AU, NC-17]
Chosen at age eleven by Jedi Master Virmu, Obi-Wan Kenobi meets the maverick Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn, twelve years later, when they are assigned on a mission to investigate the theft of starships from the Duro Starshipwright Shipyard. What appears to be routine quickly grows more complex as violence ensues, loyalties are questioned, and a dangerous reminder of Obi-Wan’s past rises to the forefront. Torn between the Jedi path and their devotion to one another, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must risk everything to destroy a criminal organization that spans the galaxy.

- Son of the Empire [Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, AU, NC-17]
The Sith and the Jedi have been at odds for millennia. In the face of a mutual threat, can they set aside their differences and work together?

° Still As Bright [Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, AU, NC-17, Slavery]
Qui-Gon is given a gift (yes it's another Obi slave story).

° Sized Up [Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, NC-17]
Obi-Wan savours the sensation of being stretched, of being filled.

° The Pride of the Jedi and the Prejudice of the Sith [Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, NC-17]
It is a truth 
universally acknowledged
 that a lone 
Jedi Master
 of the 
Highest Order
must be in want of a
 Padawan Apprentice.
12th-Jul-2016 03:44 pm - THE MAN FROM UNCLE MASTER POST
° Between Scylla and Charybdis [Illya/Napoleon]
“Okay, Cowboy?” Illya’s voice is flat, uninflected, but his eyes burn with a furious blue flame as he gently examines the cuts and burns on Solo’s chest.

° Wanting too much [Illya/Napoleon, NC-17, slavery]
A young soldier turned thief after the war, Napoleon goes to a black-market auction to sell a valuable painting... and comes away with something he didn't intend to buy – a Russian KGB agent. After an interesting night where they get to know each other, the next day finds them determined to do something to right some wrongs... but not all wrongs can be corrected that easily. As they work together, Napoleon learns some hard truths... but also comes away at the end with something more valuable than a painting.

° Mocha serie [Illya/Napoleon, AU, Nc-17]
Many years later, if you ask him, Illya would blame it on the fact his host forgot to mention that he was a magnificent cook. And that he makes a mean beef stroganoff.

° Summer holiday [Illya/Napoleon, NC-17]
“Napoleon,” said Illya, very slowly.
“Don’t say it, I beg of you.”
“Did you...really bring me on a vacation to a clandestine romantic getaway for homosexual couples?”

° That Time In Paris [Illya/Napoleon, NC-17, A/B/O]
Napoleon Solo is an Omega. Illya knows this, had caught the man’s scent back at that little chop shop in East Berlin.

° You Thrill Me (Half Killed Me) [Illya/Napoleon, NC-17]
After a trying day, it makes everything so much better to hear Illya’s voice, even more now that he couldn’t see him. And Napoleon is in too good of a mood to let Illya ruin it.
The one where they are on separate missions and Napoleon calls Illya to check on him. What happens after has very little plot.

° We Carry On (This Fire Won’t Go Out) [Illya/Napoleon, NC-17]
Spies are generally known to be daring and dangerous, and Illya would think he is bracketed in that category. But that does not mean Illya doesn’t have any fears. And if anyone were to ask him what his fears are, then he would say there are two things that he’s afraid most from happening.
The one where someone from Napoleon’s past reenters his life, making both him and Illya wonder whether they are contented with what they have at the moment, or whether they want more.
° Certain [Mick/Leonard]
A (nearly) complete list of all the things Len and Mick need to say to each other, but haven't.

° If Someone Can Be Remembered They Can Come Back (or) The History of the Leonard Snart and Mick Rory (Criminal and Otherwise) Relationship [Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, NC-17]
The team goes out sans Martin (who's sick) and Mick (who's on "post-Chronos" probation). The team inadvertently causes an anomaly and Mick is erased from the timeline. Being Martin is aboard the Waverider he remembers Mick, but nobody else does. While Rip and Gideon try to sort things out, Martin tells the team about Mick and then has a private conversation with Len. Len is then hit with 30 years of memories - memories that should in no way exist as Mick Rory has never existed. Yet they do. Beginning when Len was 14....

° Thirty Years and a Few Hours [Mick/Leonard, NC-17]
Mick's looking for some time away from the Legends crew when he meets an extremely familiar young man.
(aka the adult!Mick/teen!Len story that I can't believe I'm the first one to write)

° 2046 [Mick/Leonard, NC-17]
Leonard hates 2046. It's nothing but chaos and idiots celebrating their own stupidity. Mick, of course, loves it. He's a rock star with a fur coat and groupies. Thing is, Leonard doesn't share.
(Or during their time with Mick's gang in 2046, Mick sneaks off with one of his new groupies. Leonard follows him back and offers his services instead.)

° I Pick My Poison And It's You [Mick/Leonard, NC-17]
Mick was on him in a hot second, crushing their lips together and stabbing his alcohol laden tongue into Leonard’s mouth. Leonard stumbled back at the violence of the move, spilling some of the rum on the bare, concrete floor of the warehouse they had appropriated for the time being. That was alright though. He was sure that Mick would have a gleeful time burning that bit of alcohol off later.

° Core Temperature [Mick/Leonard, NC-17]
There's a reason that Leonard Snart chose to wield the cold gun when offered both weapons, and it isn't because he was lying about despising heat.
6th-Jun-2016 09:30 am - SHADOWHUNTERS MASTER POST
° Some might call it that [Magnus/Alec, NC-17]
Magnus appears in Alec's bedroom after the battle in Idris. Contains spoilers through book 3.

° Three Times Alec Didn't Stay for Breakfast (And One Time He Did) [Magnus/Alec]
Shadowhunters spending the night are advised to beware of cats, things in the fridge, lingering guests and, of course, your resident High Warlock.

° A phone call led to... [Magnus/Alec, NC-17]
He still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Things like this didn't happen to him.

° Comfort in glitter [Magnus/Alex, NC-17]
Magnus doesn't like to deal with his emotions. The best way to deal with them is to keep busy and moving forward. But now, he has Alec in his life as well. They're both grieving the loss of someone dear to them, but neither will talk about it. So, true to old habits, Magnus tries to party and drink it away... What he didn't count on was finding comfort in something quieter and far more sentimental.

° Five times [Magnus/Alec]
...Magnus Bane saved Alec Lightwood, and one time he couldn't.

° Finish what you started [Magnus/Alec, NC-7]
Magnus makes a promise of five more minutes; Alec gets impatient and takes matters into his own hands.

° Beginnings [Magnus/Alec]
Set in CoB. Magnus stayed the night after healing Alec, and while Alec claims not to remember... he isn't very convincing.

° Choices [Magnus/Alec]
What exactly went on between Alec and Magnus while Isabelle and Simon were talking in that well-known scene in the Hall of Accords? Spoilers for City of Glass.

° Parties are fun but I like you better [Magnus/Alec, NC-17]
With a muttered curse he began pushing his way through people, trying to dodge the moving bodies and barely avoiding a wing to the face from a Warlock who was entwined with a vampire and a fearie.
Grumbling angrily about stupid horny Downworlders, he backed away to find another path that did not involve what looked like an orgy in the middle of the dance floor, eyes sweeping the crowd that now surrounded him, calculating the safest root. He started forwards, spotting his way out when a pair of warm hands landed on his hips, pulling him back into a muscular chest as the owner of said hands leaned down to breathe into his ear."Going somewhere, darling?" A masculine voice purred seductively, making Alec shiver. That voice, Alec thought hazily as the hands flexed on his hips, should be illegal.

° Devil's song [Magnus/Alec, NC-17, AU]
Well I caught a demon in a mouse trap, one day behind the house. He said "please let me free. I'll do anything". Alec accidentally traps Magnus in a new trap he was trying out causing the warlock to pass out. What is a poor Nephilim to do?

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22nd-May-2016 07:36 pm - X-MEN MASTER POST
° Shalom Malakh [Erik/Charles, NC-17, AU]
When death catches up with Erik a year after the Sentinel disaster, he only has one regret: never having found a way to bridge the gap and reconcile with Charles. But death is not the end of the journey, and Erik is put right in the path of his old friend once more.
“Okay. Let’s say I bite. Who is the hapless idiot then? The one I'm supposed to look after?"
The woman smirked. “Oh, I’m certain you'll know it once you see him.”

Shadows of the Past [Erik/Charles, NC-17, AU]
Charles and Erik meet at a hotel in Genosha. Erik hiding that he is Magneto, one of the founders of the mutant nation. Charles running from his past, not to mention his gift.
25th-Apr-2016 02:05 pm - Dragon Age Master Post
° Remember me [Iron Bull/Dorian, Hawke/Fenris, F!Inquisitor/Cullen, AU, NC-17]
Dorian's past comes back to bite him when the Champion arrives at Skyhold.

° Rescue me [Iron Bull/Dorian, Hawke/Fenris/Zevran, AU, NC-17]
After Corypheus' defeat, everyone thinks things will calm down for the Inquisition. Dorian is going to find out how wrong.

° Early to rise [Iron Bull/Dorian, NC-17]
Dorian sleeps over for the first time. Sex and feelings happen. It's a whole lot of something.

° 5 times Bull took care of Dorian + 1 time Dorian took care of Bull [Iron Bull/Dorian]
What it says on the tin. A few vignettes that sort of interlinks about Bull and Dorian's blossoming relationship. Absolute, complete fluff.

° Addicted to love [Iron Bull/Dorian, NC-17]
Dorian and Iron Bull have been "something" for a while now and Dorian finally realizes he has fallen in love with Iron Bull. The problem is, he knows that Iron Bull is with him for the sex and he is a flirt so he will probably get bored of him soon, plus he's a Qunari that follows/followed the Qun and they don't believe in love.
So, he tries to break off their arrangement to spare himself more pain...except Iron Bull actually loves him back and he's horrified.

° It's up to you [Iron Bull/Dorian, Deathfic]
Iron Bull left most of the nit picky parts of their "relationship" up to Dorian. Without having any proper romance before, he had no expectations, standards, or anything to fall short on. It was easier like this, and for the most part, working out well. As long as Dorian was pleased--well, that's what mattered.
But the system had its faults.

° My love is an anchor tied to you [Iron Bull/Dorian, NC-17]
If Dorian were half as confident as he says he is, he'd be a force to be reckoned with.

° You wanna causa a scandal? [Iron Bull/Dorian]
"I am a mage from Tevinter, an Altus no less, serving closely with the head of the newest and most powerful organization in Thedas. How could I possibly cause any more of a scandal, if I may ask?" Dorian's tone was something like irritation mixed with astonishment with maybe a dash of amusement thrown in, just for the hell of it.
Bull's smirk had been growing through Dorian's little speech, and was now a full out, lopsided shit-eating grin. He held out an immense palm. "Dance with me."

° Locked [Iron Bull/Dorian]
Bull has barely looked at, let alone talked to, Dorian since the Storm Coast. A cloud of loneliness hangs over Dorian, sometimes pressing in and suffocating, leaving him breathless. When Dorian goes to confront Bull about the cold shoulder he's been giving, Dorian begins to have doubts about their relationship and who the Iron Bull truly is.

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